Making your home more sustainable

A home that feels more comfortable and healthy. Your energy bill going down. A home that increases in value. Sounds good? Then making your home more sustainable is a good idea! We explain why it makes sense to make your home more sustainable and how you can pay for it.

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Toni van der Flier

Mortgage Advisor

The benefits of an energy efficient house

What exactly are the advantages of an energy-efficient home? We name four of them here.

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What are the positive effects of a more sustainable home?

Decreasing your energy bill

When you're home becomes more sustainable, you will spend less on energy each month: your gas and electricity bills will go down. That's a nice bonus!

Your house will be worth more

A house with energy label A will be worth 13.3% more when you sell it than a house with label G. The increase in value by making it more sustainable is usually equal to the investment you make. So making your home more sustainable is a real investment!

Your house becomes more comfortable and healthier

A well-insulated home retains heat better. You won't feel those cold drafts anymore, and your home will be easier to keep warm in the winter. In addition, a more sustainable home is usually healthier because there are fewer (or no) harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the air.

Less use of fossil fuels

A more sustainable home means that you use less gas and electricity. This way, fossil fuels are not depleted and the environment is not harmed or harmed less. This is important for the generation of the future!\

So, what are you waiting for? Take steps to make your home more sustainable! It saves you money and you contribute to a greener future. 

How do I pay for sustainability?

If you are going to finance sustainability with a mortgage, it will cost you money no matter what. Your monthly expenses will go up, and you will pay a number of additional fees when you take out the mortgage, such as the cost of mortgage advice, notary fees and valuation fees. It is therefore a good idea to work with an advisor to determine whether this is wise and whether you can afford these one-time and monthly costs. It could also be that you already have sufficient savings of your own, or perhaps you choose to continue saving until this is the case. It could also be interesting to opt for a personal loan instead of a mortgage. We will of course be happy to calculate the smartest choice for you. 

Five steps to increase your mortgage for sustainability

How do you go about financing sustainability? In five steps we explain.

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Considering your options


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Applying for the mortgage


Signing the offer


Watch the energy bill go down!


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